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Beetle Seat Upolstery from TMI

The “piping” (also known as Welt) on seats and door panels can be made two ways, Extruded or Wrapped. TMI’s Extruded method produces piping made of solid color, that is 23 times thicker than a vinyl wrapped cord. No matter how much wear you give Extruded Piping, it never shows the cord or white string like wrapped cord will show.

Basket Weave Colors

01 Black

02 Brown

03 Tan

04 Beige

05 Off White

06 Grey

07 Red

08 Blue

95 Saddle

Square Weave Colors

09 Black

010 Cream

26 Tan

27 Brown

86 Chalk

 Smooth Vinyl Colors

11 Black

12 Brown

13 Tan

14 Beige

15 Off White

16 Grey

17 Red

18 Blue

20 White

21 Charcoal

22 Cream

85 Dr. Green

88 Chalk

90 Saddle

957 Bright Red

91 Basic Black

Classic Vinyl Colors

12 Brown

15 Off White

16 Grey

23 Brick

24 Water

25 Pea


Smooth Vinyl

Basket Weave

Square Weave