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Beetle Door and Kick Panels from TMI

Why TMI Door Panels? It’s worth checking to know if your new Door Panel uses cardboard or masonite wood panels. Cardboard can bend easily, and may deform, especially when dampened by rain or snow. Even cleaning sprays working in around the edges can begin the deterioration process. TMI only uses masonite wood backing. Wood is the ultimate in lasting quality. Extremely rigid, durable, and unaffected by moisture, they last and look new longer!

Classic Vinyl Colors

12 Brown

15 Off White

16 Grey

23 Brick

24 Water

25 Pea

 Smooth Vinyl Colors

11 Black

12 Brown

13 Tan

14 Beige

15 Off White

16 Grey

17 Red

18 Blue

20 White

21 Charcoal

22 Cream

85 Dr. Green

88 Chalk

90 Saddle

957 Bright Red

91 Basic Black