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About Our Store
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What will you find at our e-store?
  • Parts to keep your car running and looking good.  We offer quality new and used parts.
  • Fast friendly service from a small independent operation.
  • Competitive pricing!  Since we are small we don't have the large overhead like the bigger suppliers do.
  • We offer installation service for all the parts you purchase.  See our restoration site for more information.
What you will not find at our store.
  • Cheap low quality parts.  Let's be honest, it is hard to find quality aftermarket parts.  We work hard to find the best parts out there.  If it isn't good enough to install on one of our cars why should we sell it to you?
  • Dirty junk used parts.  All of the used parts we offer have been cleaned and are ready for installation. Many of the parts are restored to like new condition.  When listing a used part we will often give a rating of its condition from1-10.
A word about our site

A lot of time and effort has gone into building our site. We still have a long way to go to finish it, but we are always adding new content. For you Bus and Ghia owners don't be discouraged because many of the page relate to the Beetle. We offer parts for your VWs too. You can search for the part you need or contact us and we will help you get the correct part you need.

We value your input.  If you find an error of have a suggestion on how we can make our site better we would love to hear from you!