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Welcome to OldVWs Restoration

At OldVWs we provide top quality Parts and Restorations on Air-Cooled VWs 1979 and older. Fill your cart with the parts you need and give us a call to order them. You can also check out the links below to see the services we provide.

Restoration Services   

At OldVWs Restoration we have the ability to make your air-cooled VW look like new again. We are not your typical body shop that does quick fast paint jobs. We pride ourself in producing quality restorationsWe take pride in our work and the results show. Detail is very important to us, even in the normally unseen places. We can do your complete car or small parts you send to us. Click the above link to see how we can give you the results you want.

Repair Services  

Need service work? Not only can we make your car look new we can make it run and drive like new too! We have been working on Air-Cooled VWs for more than 25 years. Click the above link to see what services we provide.

Value added Services  

At OldVWs Restoration we go out of our way to help you. We know that the body work and paint job is only part of the project. For example, in this fast paced world we live in not everyone has the time or means to transport their car to us. We will work with the shipping companies to have your car shipped to us and then shipped back when complete. If you don't have a car yet we will help you find the VW of your dreams.

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